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This module is suitable for a 3-4 member party with levels that range from 1-4. It is not mandatory that a PC with tracking skills be in the party but it would be helpful. Also, any PC whom has demon lore and or demon speak will find it advantateous, but this is also not required.

Story In A Nutshell

A apprentice of a powerful mage has stolen one of his master’s spell books and is now missing. The mage seeks to employee a group to retreive his book and his apprentice…alive preferably.

*Story Background *

The mage is Olorus Tisvone, he has been asked to assist some of his former associates in creating a permanate dimensional portal in a kingdom some ways away. Olorus specializes in summoning magic and his knowledge of the interaction of dimensions is much needed.

While away, his apprentice Florence Victorino was charmed by a Dyrad and convinced to steal his masters summoning spell book and flee to her forest home. The Dyrad is corrupted. She stumbled upon a powerful evil artifact one day and subsiquintly her mind was twisted.

Home Page

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